Easter decorations - ideas and tips for an atmospheric spring time

Easter decoration

Easter is approaching and with it the season of spring. Time for bright colors, fresh fruit and flowers. The table decoration should also be adapted to the spring season. Here are some tips and tricks on how you can decorate your Easter table atmospherically.

Buy or make your own Easter decorations?

If you are creative, with a little time and patience you can create a unique and personal Easter decoration . Otherwise, there are many beautiful decorative items on the market that are perfectly coordinated with the spring season.

How to create an Easter decoration that brings spring into your home

If you decide to make your own Easter decorations, there are many ways to bring spring into your home. Flowers, twigs and grass are ideal as decorative elements. Cut branches from trees such as forsythia, cherry blossoms, or magnolias and place them in vases or arrange them on the table.

In addition to fresh flowers such as tulips, daffodils and hyacinths, dried flowers such as hydrangeas , which last for a longer time and are still colorful, are also suitable.

The perfect time for Easter decorations

The perfect time for Easter decorations is about two weeks before Easter. This gives you enough time to design and set up the decorations. Remember that the decorations shouldn't be too busy to keep the focus on the food and company.

Easter decorations - which materials are suitable?

For example, paper, felt and fabric can be made into decorative pendants or table runners. Painted eggs are a classic and can be integrated into the decoration in various ways. Bowls and containers in a rabbit look as well as egg cups in the shape of eggshells can also create a sweet and original table decoration. Last but not least, cute yoga-style decorative bunnies can also bring a relaxed and humorous touch to the decoration.

With these tips and tricks you can create an atmospheric Easter decoration and bring spring into your home. No matter whether you choose purchased decorations or homemade decorations, the main thing is that you can enjoy the Easter days in a happy and relaxed atmosphere.