Vase für Pampasgras

Vase for pampas grass

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    14 products

    Vase for pampas grass - a must-have for stylish decorations

    A vase for pampas grass is an indispensable element for stylish decorations. The right container gives the delicate grass support and ensures that it is presented perfectly. A matching vase not only emphasizes the natural beauty of the pampas grass, but is also a real eye-catcher in any interior.

    Materials and sizes of vases for pampas grass

    There are different materials and sizes of pampas grass vases to suit every taste and room size. Popular materials are ceramic, glass and brass, which are characterized by their attractive appearance and stability. The size of the vase depends on the pampas grass, but also on the environment in which it is placed.

    Which vase is best for pampas grass?

    There are many types of vases suitable for pampas grass. A floor vase is an excellent choice as it showcases the length and beauty of the stems. A slim vase with a narrow neck is also a good option as it keeps the pampas grass upright and emphasizes its natural shape. Another option is to choose a vase with a wide opening to drape the pampas grass and emphasize its natural curve.

    • In order to optimally present the dried pampas grass, it is recommended to choose a vase with a height between 30 and 65 cm . In this way, the large fronds (90 to 115 cm) can be shown off to their best advantage. A suitable container offers enough space and stability for the impressive grass
    • If you use wider and deeper vases, we recommend that you cut the pampas grasses to size and place them in a container with rice or sand so that they have a good hold.
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