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    More than just matches: Discover the variety of scented decorations

    Matches are one of the oldest lighters people use. Although they seem simple, they can come in many different colors. Matches are great for lighting candles, fires, or other small flames. They are also easy to transport and can be useful in many different situations.

    How long can matches be stored?

    Matches need to be protected from heat and moisture to ensure they last longer. In temperate climates, matches can last for a very long time. Even after 40 years, matches that have been stored without further precautions show no noticeable change in ignition behavior.

    What is the red part of the match made of?

    If you rub the match across the rubbing surface, traces of red phosphorus and potassium chlorate are formed. These two substances react extremely explosively with each other.

    How do you light a match correctly?

    Rubbing the match against the narrow, roughened side of the box is the best way to light it. Always rub it away from your body to avoid burns.

    What waste do matches belong in?

    Never put used matches back in the pack or carelessly throw them in the trash. Rinse them briefly with water.

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