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    Wedding candles – the essential accessories for your wedding

    Candles are simply part of a wedding. They are a beautiful symbol of love and the light that will shine in your relationship. We have a large selection of wedding candles so you can find the perfect candle for your wedding. Whether you are looking for a classic wooden wedding candle or a modern wedding candle, we have the perfect candle for you.

    How is the wedding candle integrated into the wedding ceremony?

    The wedding candle is a candle that is usually carried into the church by a flower child or a best man when the bride and groom enter the church and placed on the altar. The candle can also be placed on the altar before moving in. During the ceremony, the wedding candle is then lit and blessed by the pastor on the Easter candle. If desired, prayers and blessings can be said, which are intended to bring you closer to heaven through the light of the wedding candle. In principle, there are no fixed rules when incorporating the wedding candle into the ceremony. If prayers when blessing the wedding candle are too traditional and “old-fashioned” for you, they do not have to be said. If you only get married in a civil ceremony, you can also set up the wedding candle during the civil wedding.

    What needs to be written on a wedding candle?

    There are no specifications regarding the design of your wedding candle. The candle gets a nice, personal touch if you:

    • First names and
    • brings up the wedding date . These can still come with you
    • additional symbols or sayings such as "Alpha and Omega - as the beginning and the end of everything". According to belief, the lit wedding candles are said to have accompanied the entire day. The inflammation of this can also be integrated into the free wedding ceremony in the form of a ritual.

    Who will provide the wedding candle?

    The wedding candle is usually donated by the groomsmen or parents of the bride and groom. But other family members, friends or girlfriends can also take care of it if desired. If you prefer to have everything under control yourself and leave the design of the candle up to you, that's completely fine.

    What date do you write on the wedding candle?

    The day on which you formally marry in front of the state (civil wedding) or before God (church wedding) will certainly be an unforgettable day for both of you. You can then write this date on your wedding candle and remember this beautiful moment again and again.

    What do you do with the wedding candle after the wedding?

    The wedding candle is a beautiful symbol of love and wedding vows. After the wedding, you can keep the candle as a reminder of the most beautiful day of your life. You can also use them as a decorative element in your home or give them as gifts so that other people can benefit from the love and commitment you showed that day.

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