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    Gypsophila - A popular flower for decoration

    When it comes to decorating floral arrangements, gypsophila is one of the most popular flowers due to its delicate and airy texture. It can be used as an accent flower or even as the main component in a bouquet or table decoration.

    Versatile color selection

    Gypsophila comes in a variety of colors including white, pink, purple and blue. Each color adds a special touch to an arrangement and can be used in different ways.

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    If you are looking for gypsophila to spice up your floral arrangements, then take a look at our online scented decoration shop. We have a large selection of gypsophila in different colors and sizes. With our gypsophila you can take your decorations to the next level.

    Tips for caring for dried gypsophila

    Dried baby's breath lasts longer than fresh baby's breath, but it still needs care to maintain its beauty. Here are some tips for caring for dried gypsophila:

    • Keep baby's breath away from direct sunlight to prevent it from bleaching.
    • Do not place the gypsophila near a heat source such as a radiator or oven.
    • Avoid spraying the gypsophila with water as it can change its shape.
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