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    Dried flowers - the new way of decoration

    Dried flowers are becoming more and more trendy and for a good reason, they are not only a great decorative idea, but also a sustainable choice.

    They are very versatile. Whether as decoration in the living room, as a table decoration, wedding decoration or as a gift, dry flowers always look good. The selection of dried flowers is now also very large.

    From small flowers to larger flowers to exotic plants, everything is included. A particularly popular trend is to put up dried flower wreaths.

    What types of dried flowers are there?

    Most flowers only appear elegant and friendly for a short time. Dried flowers are an exception and can last longer. Here you can find out which plants are particularly popular now:

    How do you care for dried flowers?

    These tips will help you make your dried flowers last longer!

    • Do not water dried flowers
    • Don't put them in the sun
    • Spray them with some hairspray
    • Protect your dried flowers from high humidity
    • Spray them with some hairspray
    • Protect your dried flowers from high humidity
    • Gently remove dust using a brush or hairdryer

    How long do dried flowers last?

    Dried flowers last a very long time. If made and stored correctly, they can last approximately between 2 - 10 years. There are a few things you can do to make your dried flowers last as long as possible. (see above)

    Are dried flowers cheaper than fresh ones?

    Dried flowers are generally less expensive than fresh flowers. This is because they last longer and you don't have to buy new ones as often. Dried flowers usually look just as beautiful as fresh flowers and can be a great addition to any arrangement.

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