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    Eucalyptus - The versatile plant

    Eucalyptus is a genus of plants in the myrtle family and originally comes from Australia. The plant is often used in aromatherapy, perfume making and as a decorative plant due to its essential oils and characteristic scent.

    What is Preserved Eucalyptus?

    Preserved eucalyptus is a variant of eucalyptus in which the plant is artificially preserved. To do this, the eucalyptus is immersed in a solution of glycerin and water, which replaces the water in the plant with the glycerin. This makes the eucalyptus durable and retains its color and shape over a longer period of time. Preserved eucalyptus is available in different colors, such as green , red or even gold/warm gold .

    How long does preserved eucalyptus last?

    The shelf life of preserved eucalyptus depends on various factors such as humidity, temperature and sunlight. However, as a general rule, preserved eucalyptus can last from several months to a year without losing its color or shape. However, it is important to protect the eucalyptus from direct sunlight and high humidity to extend its shelf life.

    Uses for Eucalyptus

    Preserved eucalyptus is ideal for decorating interior spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms or offices. It can also be used as a decorative element for weddings or other events. Preserved eucalyptus can be used in various forms, such as branches or leaves, and can also be used in combination with other decorative elements, such as flowers or grasses.

    Eucalyptus is the perfect addition to dried flower arrangements

    You can create a harmonious and elegant arrangement by combining preserved eucalyptus with other dried flowers. For example, you can:

    Another option is to use preserved eucalyptus as a base for:

    • Use dried flower wreath. In combination with dried flowers such as strawflowers, carthamus or ornamental grasses, a rustic and at the same time elegant look is created.

    Let your creativity run wild, because the possible uses of preserved eucalyptus are diverse. It is not only a visual highlight, but also spreads a pleasant scent in the room.

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