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Candle accessories

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    How you can enjoy your candles even more intensively - with the right accessories

    Candles are one of the oldest and most popular sources of light. They are easy to use and create a pleasant atmosphere. But what many people don't know is that there are some important things to keep in mind when lighting and using candles. First of all, it is important to have the right accessories for the candles. Matches, firelighters or a lighter are great tools for lighting the candle safely and without any problems. A candle snuffer should be used to extinguish the candle properly and safely. There are special candle extinguishers that are convincing and are the right choice for the safety of your candles.

    What candle accessories do you need to care for a candle?

    The purpose of candle accessories is to extend the life of a candle and optimize its light. To light a candle, you will need some basic supplies. You need:

    • a lighter or matches
    • a candle holder
    • a wick scissors
    • a wick dipper/wick spoon
    • a candle snuffer

    How are candle accessories used?

    The candle accessories are used as follows:

    • The lighter or matches are an excellent way to light the wick.
    • The candle holder is a useful accessory to reduce the risk of the candle falling or breaking. There are many different designs and materials for scented decorations, so you can ensure that your candle burns safely and stably.
    • The wick scissors are needed to shorten a burning wick.
    • The Wick Dipper / Wick Spoon is used to straighten the wick and prepare the candle for the next lighting.
    • The candle extinguisher is ultimately used to extinguish a candle.

    Which candle accessories are most suitable for lighting a candle?

    There are a number of different candle accessories you can use to light a candle. However, the most suitable method depends on the type of candle you are using.

    If you have a regular wax candle, a lighter or match is the best way to light it. There are various modern candle lighters on the market, either an electric candle lighter or a gas candle lighter. Some of the most popular are the Dupont lighter, the Clipper lighter, and the arc lighter. They all have their own advantages and offer unique features. The plasma lighter, for example, is particularly durable and powerful, while the stick lighter is very compact and handy. Engraved lighters are a great gift idea for friends or family.

    For wax melts, so-called scent melts with essential oil, we recommend using a tea light oven or a diffuser.

    Why do you need wick trimmers in your candle accessories?

    Wick scissors are an important accessory when lighting candles. They help trim the candle wicks to an even length so that the candles burn better and don't burn out as quickly. Wick scissors also prevent smoke and soot from forming, which ensures clean and pleasant candlelight.

    What advantages does Wick Dipper / Wick Spoon have in candle accessories?

    Wick Dipper is a popular candle accessory that offers many benefits. For one thing, it helps protect the candle by preventing the wick from burning. On the other hand, it ensures that the candle burns better and lasts longer.

    Why you should never blow out a candle & should use a candle extinguisher as a candle accessory instead

    There is a good reason why you should never blow out a candle and instead always use a candle snuffer as a candle accessory. When you blow out the flame, smoke can collect in the candle and the next time you light the candle, this smoke can burn and hot wax residue can splash onto your skin or eyes. The candle extinguisher minimizes the risk because the hot wax flows into the extinguishing container and does not splash around. It is also much more hygienic to use a candle extinguisher, as bacteria and dirt particles can get into the candle.

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