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    Christmas tree - fir tree

    The history of the Christmas tree: A symbol of festive tradition

    The Christmas tree, an emblematic symbol of the holiday season, has a long and captivating history. The tradition of decorating trees to honor the winter solstice dates back to ancient times. Over the centuries, this custom morphed into what is now familiar as the Christmas tree. At this point we take a brief look at the creation of this enduring symbol of celebration: 

    • Origin of the tradition: The origins of early predecessors of the Christmas tree can be found in various cultures, including the ancient Romans, who celebrated the solstice in December with evergreen plants such as laurel in the house. Parallel customs are also attested in Germanic and Celtic cultures, where evergreen branches were used in winter to ward off evil.

    • Christianization of the custom: During the Christianization of Europe, the existing custom of decorating trees was integrated into the context of Christmas. The Christian Christmas tree is often associated with the 16th century German theologian Martin Luther. He is said to have attached the first candles to a tree to replicate the stars in the sky.

    • Spread and Evolution: In the 17th and 18th centuries, the Christmas tree tradition spread from Germany to other parts of Europe. Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who shaped the British royal family in the 19th century, contributed to the spread of the Christmas tree. Ultimately, German emigrants brought the custom to the United States in the 19th century, where it quickly became popular.
    • Modern Convention: Nowadays, the Christmas tree is an integral part of the worldwide celebrations. Families decorate their trees with ornaments, lights and a plethora of decorations. The choice between natural and artificial trees, as well as the ability to customize, add to the versatility and significance of this festive symbol.

    Artificial Christmas trees: Timeless elegance without effort

    Experience the magic of the holidays with an artificial Christmas tree

    Add festive sparkle to your home with a premium artificial Christmas tree. Our meticulous replicas of authentic Christmas trees offer you a diverse selection, including artfully hand-decorated specimens, lifelike reproductions and even vibrant color variations. An artificial Christmas tree combines masterful authenticity with lasting robustness, making it a timeless centerpiece for your festive decorations.

    Variety of styles to suit your taste

    Choose from a range of designs to find the artificial Christmas tree that suits your style and ambience. Whether you prefer the classic elegance of a lifelike tree or want to set bolder accents with a colorful model - our selection meets the highest demands. Each tree is carefully crafted to bring unparalleled festivity to your celebrations.

    Perfect combination of aesthetics and practicality

    Enjoy the magic of a festive tree without the worries of needle loss or extensive maintenance. An artificial Christmas tree not only looks attractive, but is also comfortable to use. Easy to assemble and store away to save space after the holidays, it will be a trusted companion for unforgettable Christmas moments year after year.

    Choose your ideal artificial Christmas tree today and create an enchanting backdrop for the festivities to come.

    LED trees: enchanting light for indoors and outdoors

    Create a magical atmosphere in your home with LED Christmas trees.** These elegant decorative trees are equipped with energy-saving LED lights and set radiant highlights both indoors and outdoors. Whether placed on the terrace, in the garden or in the living room - the LED trees create an enchanting lighting atmosphere and let the festive joy shine.

    • Stylish illumination to suit your taste: Our LED Christmas trees are available in different designs to suit your individual style. Whether you prefer a subtle shine or want a vibrant play of light, our selection has an option to suit every taste. The careful integration of the LED lights gives each tree an elegant aesthetic that fits perfectly into your festive design.
    • Light art for indoor and outdoor spaces: Bring the sparkle of the holidays anywhere. The versatile uses of LED Christmas trees range from indoors to outdoors. Decorate your patio, garden or living room with these bright works of art that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The energy-saving LED technology not only ensures an impressive light spectacle, but also an environmentally conscious choice.
    • Joy in the lights: Create a festive oasis full of joy and sparkle with our LED Christmas trees. Their radiant presence will brighten up your celebrations in a special way and add a touch of magic to any room. Choose from our wide range of LED trees today and experience the enchanting light of the Christmas season.

    Pampas grass Christmas trees: modern elegance for festivity

    The sophistication of the pampas grass Christmas tree: Experience a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Christmas tree with our unique pampas grass Christmas trees. These stylish creations combine the grace of pampas grass with the festive aura of the holidays. The delicate feathers of the pampas grass create an elegant silhouette that not only decorates the room, but also creates an inviting, cozy atmosphere.

    Festive splendor with a modern flair: Pampas Grass Christmas Trees are an exploration of modern aesthetics for the holiday season. Each tree is artfully designed to highlight the characteristic elegance of pampas grass while maintaining the festive touch. Whether as a centerpiece on the dining table, as a decorative highlight in the living room or as a charming addition to a windowsill, these trees add subtle yet remarkable festive splendor to any room.

    Year-round elegance for every room: The pampas grass Christmas tree is not just limited to the holidays. Its modern beauty adds a sophisticated touch all year round. Use it as a contemporary decorative element that adds a stylish touch to your home. The light elegance of pampas grass blends seamlessly into various interior design styles and exudes a subtle, appealing aura all year round.

    Create Modern Celebration: Discover the timeless elegance of the pampas grass Christmas tree and create a modern celebration that will brighten up the room all year round. The unparalleled beauty and appeal of these trees add a touch of contemporary elegance and festive magic to your home. Choose your own pampas grass Christmas tree today and add a remarkable accent to any room.

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