Pampas grass

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    Pampas grass, the perfect decoration for your home

    Pampas grass is a trendy decorative item that is unique and durable. The grass is very easy to care for and can be used in dry floral arrangements. Pampas grass is a great addition to any interior design and can be purchased in many different colors.

    How long does dried pampas grass last?

    Dried pampas grass will typically last a few years if stored properly. It's a great decoration that you can use for several years. Just be careful not to put it in a vase of water, otherwise the stems will quickly go moldy.

    How do you care for dried pampas grass?

    Whether dried flowers or trickling grass, with hairspray you have everything under control! Simply spray and let it set.

    How do you keep pampas grass fluffy?

    Before spraying the hairspray, you can fan the pampas grass fronds with a hairdryer. This makes it look more voluminous and if you then fix it with hairspray, you will have beautiful and, above all, non-trickling pampas grass.

    How much pampas grass fits in a vase?

    For an impressive vase with dried pampas grass, a height of 30 to 65 cm is recommended. In this way, the large fronds (90-115 cm) are shown off to their best advantage. If you like something a little more eye-catching, you can place 3 fronds of different lengths and textures in a vase.

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