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    The baptismal candle is an important symbol of baptism in Christianity

    She stands for the new life in the Catholic Church, the gift of the Holy Spirit and the purity of heart, that accompanies every person being baptized on their journey through life . The light is intended to illuminate this path and be a reminder of the baptism, which is why it is often beautifully designed and decorated with various Christian symbols.

    What should be written on the baptismal candle?

    The baptismal candle is an essential part of the baptism and should therefore be chosen carefully. In addition to the name of the person being baptized, the baptismal candle should also contain the date of the baptism, the names of the godparents and a suitable Bible quote or saying. Our baptism candles can be individually personalized and thus create a very special atmosphere at the baptism. They are available in different designs and colors so that they can be perfectly tailored to the wishes and needs of the parent and child. The choice of candle and design is entirely up to you and your family - just remember that the baptism candle should be a lasting souvenir of the day of the baptism.

    What are the baptismal symbols on the baptismal candle?

    • Tree: The tree of life is a beautiful symbol for baptism candles. In many religions it is viewed as a symbol of eternal life. He embodies our longing for something better and the hope that lies within each of us. Just as a tree looks for nutrients and opportunities to reproduce, we all long for something in our lives.
    • Rainbow: The rainbow is known as a symbol of peace and connection. In the Bible story of Noah's Ark in the Old Testament, it symbolizes the sealing of a covenant that God made with Noah after the flood.
    • Angel: Heavenly messengers are animated beings who mediate between God and people. They bring good news and should always keep an eye on us. They should help us, especially in bad times or when we are in danger. This means we can confidently go about our everyday lives knowing that someone is looking out for us.
    • Dove: Doves are one of the oldest Christian symbols and can be depicted as courageous, loving, peaceful and determined. They also represent the Holy Spirit and the power of imagination.
    • Noah's Ark: The story of Noah and the Ark is a well-known baptism story that is often read aloud. It is about God announcing devastating punishment to people because of their sins. Noah, however, finds grace before God and is allowed to build an ark in which animals can also save themselves. When the flood begins, Noah goes into the ark with his family and animals and stays there until the flood ends.
    • Cross: The cross is an important symbol for many Christians. It represents not only the crucifixion of Jesus, but also his resurrection. His resurrection made it clear that he is God's symbol of his love for us. That is why the cross is a sign of redemption and hope. It gives many believers courage and strength in difficult times in life.
    • Fish: The fish, also known as ICHTHYS in Greek tradition, is one of the oldest identifying symbols in Christianity. It reflects the meaning of the Bible passage in which it is described. The baptismal symbol encourages all Christians to live and share their faith.
    • Water: Water is the element of life - it is the source of all existence. We all came from the sea, and in the depths of the ocean lie the secrets of our past. Water can destroy, but it can also enable new life - as we see with the flood in the Bible. Jesus also gives the believers water to drink to show them that they never have to thirst. Water is a gift of life
    • Anchor: We are probably all familiar with the anchor and it has long had a special meaning. It is not for nothing that it is the ultimate symbol of baptism. It stands for hope, strength and love - the three virtues that also support Christianity. In addition, the anchor is an indispensable tool for anchoring ships safely - both in port and on the high seas. So we can see it as a symbol of God's loving care, which gives us support in dark hours and makes our lives safer.
    • Wreath: The wreath, a classic baptism symbol, represents eternity and the hope of life after death. He gives us strength and courage to continue on our path. Wreaths accompany us Christians throughout our entire lives. Starting with the flower wreath for the first communion to the funeral wreath as the last greeting from the relatives.
    • Ship: The ship is an important Christian symbol that represents faith in the church. The mast in the middle represents the cross, while the oars represent the apostles steering the ship.
    • Whale: The whale is a popular baptismal symbol that has its origins in the biblical story of Jonah and the whale. In this story, Jonah is thrown out to sea by the storm and swallowed by a huge whale. After three days in the whale's belly, Jonah is finally spit out onto land and realizes that God has saved him.
    • Chalice: The chalice is an important Christian symbol that commemorates the great suffering of Jesus. It stands for God's willingness to sacrifice and his infinite love for people.
    • Two praying hands: The two hands that are folded together symbolize that one is praying. By praying, you direct your words and thoughts to God and thus build a relationship of trust with him. Prayer is often used to seek comfort or reassurance from God. For many people, prayer is a valuable aspect of their lives and they would also like to pass this on to the child being baptized.
    • Solar system: The importance of the sun cannot be overestimated. As our only natural source of light, it illuminates every darkness and gives us hope, warmth and life. It is our greatest star and gives us the strength to carry on, even when it is dark around us.
    • Alpha & Omega: Alpha and Omega, the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet, represent the beginning and the end. God is our beginning and end - He looks beyond all times, the past, present and future. The two baptism symbols also represent eternity.

    What are common baptismal gifts, besides the baptismal candle?

    Baptism gifts should be chosen personally and carefully. Some popular baptism gifts are:

    • Books: Books are ideal as a baptismal gift because they impart knowledge to the person being baptized and promote their language and reading skills.
    • Crosses: Crosses are suitable as a baptismal gift because they strengthen the Christian faith of the person being baptized.
    • Jewellery: Jewelery is a popular choice as a christening gift as it adds value to the person being baptized from the very beginning and inspires joy in wearing it from a young age.
    • Money: Money is also a popular baptism gift because it helps the person being baptized or their parents cover the costs of the baptism or put something aside later in life.

    What does the godfather give the child being baptized instead of the baptismal candle?

    An ideal baptism gift is:

    • Children's Bible
    • Chain with cross
    • Baptism letters or godparent letters
    • Children's wooden cross
    • rosary

    The godfather usually gives the child being baptized a small gift that they can keep for the rest of their lives. Some parents choose to give the godparent a free hand in choosing a gift, but they are often asked to find something the child can wear at their confirmation or communion. The candles with congratulations on birth, baptism or first communion are a wonderful way to pass on your wishes and prayers to the recipient.

    What happens to the baptismal candle after baptism?

    After the baptism, the baptismal candle is presented by the priest or pastor to the parents of the baptized person. The baptismal candle is a symbol that Jesus has been entered into the heart of the newborn and lives with him/her. Parents should keep the candle at home and light it during every prayer to show their child that Jesus is always with him/her. The baptismal candle can be lit again during the first communion.

    Can the baptism candle also be used for other ceremonies?

    The baptismal candle can be lit again during the first communion.

    Is godparent candle and baptism candle the same thing, what does the godparent candle mean?

    The godparent candle is a clear symbol of the strong relationship between a child and their godfather. The powerful flame embodies the bond between the two and represents the joy they share with each other. They are a special type of candle that is lit on the occasion of a child's baptism or other religious event. The candle is carried by the child's godfather and symbolizes the hope and light he/she brings into the child's life. Godparent candles can be purchased in many different designs and sizes and are often personalized with the child's name and date of birth.

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