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    Advent wreaths from Duftdeko - Christmas decoration with a WOW effect

    Advent wreaths made from dried flowers are a great way to brighten up your Advent season. They can be used multiple times and always look beautiful. Illuminated with LEDs, they look particularly inviting and festive, creating the perfect Christmas, family atmosphere.

    We all know the Advent wreath, but where does it originally come from?

    The Advent wreath was invented less than 200 years ago by Johann Hinrich Wichern, who at the time ran the "Rauhe Haus" in Hamburg - a home for needy children. The children had great difficulty enduring the long time until Christmas. Johann Hinrich then attached candles to an old wooden carriage wheel and hung it on the ceiling of the room in which the entire household prayed. Every day of Advent another candle was lit and so the children could count the weeks until Christmas by counting the number of candles lit.

    Why is the Advent wreath round?

    The round shape of the Advent wreath symbolizes eternity and, in the Christian faith, the resurrection. The four candles are often interpreted as the four cardinal points.

    In which order should you light the candles on the Advent wreath?

    The Advent wreath is usually lit on the first Advent. The Candles are then left to burn one more every Sunday until all four candles are lit.

    What is the meaning of the 4 candles on the Advent wreath?

    Every Sunday in Advent, the light on the Advent wreath grows larger, symbolizing the increasing illumination in anticipation of “the light of the world” (the birth of Jesus Christ). The circular shape of the Advent wreath abstracts the four cardinal points and ultimately the round earth. It is also a symbol of eternal life in memory of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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