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    Roses - the flower for every declaration of love

    Roses represent love, romance and passion. They are the perfect gift idea for any occasion. Whether for Valentine's Day , birthdays, Mother's Day, a wedding, or just because - roses are always a good choice. You can make the most important people in your life happy with roses.

    What is the difference between a rose and an infinity rose?

    The difference between a rose and an infinity rose is that a rose is a fresh flower that withers after a few days, while an infinity rose is a preserved flower that retains its beauty and freshness for longer. An Infinity Rose is preserved through a special process that removes water and nutrients from the flower and then immerses it in a solution that protects it from mold and wilting. Infinity roses are therefore a popular choice for bouquets and other arrangements as they last longer than fresh roses and require no special care.

    What is the significance of the color of the rose?

    The color of a rose has symbolic meaning in many cultures and traditions. Here we list some rose colors:

    • Red: love and passion. Red is the most commonly used color for roses, which are given as a gift of love.
    • White: Innocence, purity and honesty. White roses are often used at weddings and other celebratory occasions.
    • Yellow: friendship and happiness. Yellow roses are often given as a token of friendship.
    • Orange: passion and enthusiasm. Orange roses are often given as an expression of passion and enthusiasm.
    • Pink: gratitude and appreciation. Pink roses are often given as a thank you or as an expression of appreciation.
    • Black: grief and death. Black roses are often used in mourning ceremonies.

    It is important to note that the meaning of rose colors can vary in different cultures and traditions, and the meaning of colors can also vary depending on the context and occasion.

    What does the number of roses mean?

    The number of roses used in a rose bouquet or floral arrangement can also have symbolic meaning. We'll show you some examples:

    • A rose: Infinite love or sincerity. A single rose is often given as a gift of love or an expression of sincerity.
    • Three Roses: A classic symbol of love. A bouquet of three roses is often given as a declaration of love.
    • Six Roses: An expression of deep affection.
    • Nine Roses: A symbolic gift to celebrate the return of an event.
    • Twelve Roses: An expression of congratulations and gratitude.
    • 13 roses: symbol of mystery and confidentiality
    • 15 roses: An expression of joy and gratitude.
    • 21 Roses: An expression of strong love and loyalty.
    • 24 roses: An expression of deep respect and admiration.
    • 36 roses: An expression of devotion and deep love.
    • 99 Roses: An expression of infinite love and loyalty.

    Again, it is important to note that the meaning of the number of roses can be different in different cultures and traditions, and the meaning of number can also vary depending on the context and occasion.

    Why are roses one of the most popular flowers worldwide?

    Roses are one of the most popular flowers worldwide due to their beauty, symbolism and the wide range of colors and varieties available. Some reasons why roses are so popular are their distinctive beauty with their magnificent blooms and fragrant aromas, which come in both natural colors and artificially colored colors and can be presented in various arrangements and bouquets.

    Roses have also had symbolic meaning in literature, art and tradition for centuries and are often used as an expression of love, passion, friendship and respect. In terms of versatility, roses can be used in many ways, such as cut flowers, in bouquets, in gardens and parks, as part of landscaping, as an ingredient in cosmetics and even as a fragrance in perfumes and

    How can I make my roses last longer?

    Roses are a beautiful and popular flower, but they don't always last as long as we would like. There are a few things you can do to help your roses stay fresh longer. Cut off the stems and place them in cold water. Change the water frequently to keep the flowers fresh. You can also use a flower preservative.

    Another option are our infinity roses. These roses have been treated to stay fresh longer. Order your rose now to enjoy the beauty of these special flowers for longer.

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