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    Rose box, the perfect gift idea for your loved ones

    The rose boxes from Duftdeko are the perfect gift idea for Valentine's Day, birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries. The real, preserved roses last for several years and the boxes are available in different colors.

    The rose boxes are available with chocolates, jewelry & candles. They are such a real eye-catcher and a unique gift that will be enjoyed for a long time.

    Each rose box is unique and is made with a lot of love and care.

    How long does the rose box last?

    The rose boxes are designed and processed in such a way that they have a long service life of several years. The special thing about these roses is that they are real roses that have been stabilized and preserved using a gentle process.

    This process preserves the beauty of the roses and ensures that they still look beautifully fresh even after many years.

    What colors is the rose box available in?

    The rose boxes are available in the colors:

    • Black

    Can you take the preserved roses out of the box?

    Although the roses are carefully placed in the box, you should handle them carefully and not tip or throw them. The roses must also not be watered as this would reduce their shelf life.

    Does the rose box come in other shapes?

    The rose box is available in different designs and offers the right variant for every taste. Whether round, heart-shaped, as a drawer box or as a tiered box, the rose box is a real eye-catcher and a unique gift.

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