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    Variety for every room: Fragrance decoration presents a world full of tables

    This is a place where you can get together with your loved ones, laugh, exchange stories and enjoy time together. It is therefore crucial to choose the perfect table - one that not only suits your style but is also practical and functional. At Duftdeko you will find a wide selection of furniture for your home, from dining tables to compact desks. Our detailed overview provides all the important information to help you choose the ideal table.

    A variety of tables for the dining room, living room and office

    • Dining tables are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also offer enough space for you and your family. Square tables are well suited for larger families, while singles or couples like to use stylish round tables.
    • Coffee tables are essential for relaxed evenings watching TV and serve as a place to store remote controls, snacks and drinks.
    • TV tables skillfully showcase your television and offer additional storage space for the living room.
    • Console tables are practical in the entrance area and offer enough space for keys and other everyday items.

    A variety of shapes for your table - from square to oval to oval

    When choosing the shape of the table, it is crucial that it takes into account the available space as well as fulfilling the desired functions. Your personal taste also plays a significant role in deciding on the optimal table shape.

    Size of the table - A question of number and use

    When deciding on the optimal table size, it is important to consider the number of regular table users and the intended use of the table. An appropriate size not only ensures enough space for everyone present, but also comfortable and practical use according to individual needs.

    Add animal magic to your home: Discover our unique tables with animal accents at Duftdeko

    Stylish tables with animal accents are a fantastic way to add personality and charm to your home. From tables with engraved animal motifs to artistic designs with animal figures as table legs - the selection is diverse and exudes a special liveliness.

    Engraved or painted animal motifs on the table surface add a unique flair to the room and can create a rustic, playful or elegant atmosphere depending on the motif chosen. Whether it's subtle embellishments or eye-catching designs, these tables will be eye-catching and tell a story.

    Artfully designed table legs in the shape of animals give the piece of furniture an enchanting individuality. Whether sculptural elephant legs, elegant paw motifs or minimalist animal figures - such tables not only become a functional piece of furniture, but also a work of art that attracts attention.

    The variety of options for tables with animal elements makes it possible to give your room a unique character. They are not only a conversation piece, but also an expression of personality and individuality in your home.

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