Man Plant This is Bruce (Euphorbia)

Männerpflanze Das ist Bruce (Euphorbia) Kaktus

Man Plant This is Bruce (Euphorbia)

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«This is Bruce. stamina. What else?" 

Bruce is a Euphorbia, a houseplant that looks like a cactus but is not. A cactus, such as B. Pachycereus Pringlei does not have spurge, but the Euphorbia species do.

Pot diameter: 25cm

Height: approx. 100cm

How to care for Bruce, the Euphorbia:

  • Euphorbia loves sunlight
  • Bruce should be provided with special cactus food in spring and summer
  • The Euphorbia thrives at temperatures between 18 and 25 °C, but can also survive in winter, during its dormant period, at lower temperatures of 12 to 15 °C.
  • Be sure to keep children and pets away from the plant; they are prickly and could be hurtful

Where does Euphorbia grow?

The candelabra euphorbias, also known as candelabra cacti, are found throughout Africa and Madagascar. Botanically speaking, they are not cacti, but they love dry and hot weather - just like cacti.

What does Euphorbia do according to Feng Shui?

  • can protect against electrosmog
  • Negative energy from outside is warded off
  • acts defensively and protectively

How often does Euphorbia need water?

Euphorbia plants require little water and can go without water for long periods of time. They can therefore be watered moderately approximately every fourteen days.

Where does Euphorbia feel most comfortable?

She feels comfortable where it is bright and sunny. But does not tolerate direct midday sun.

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